Pokemusings, week 25

kyle1297: How do you know when the EVs in a poke are maxed out?

Answer: The best way to do this is to manually keep track of them. As we mentioned inPokemusings, week seven, the most EV points you want in any one stat is 252. You owe it to your Pokemon to make sure it does waste any EV points by going over that amount. Here's a pic of one of our EV sheets we used while EV training some Pokemon (please excuse the coffee stains).

Ckncakee: I really don't get the whole breeding deal. You can pass on moves, IVs, natures, and more. First of all, how do you know which moves get passed on? Second, how do you know how many IV's are passed on?

Answer: First of all, thank you so much for being one of the few people that submitted a question with proper grammar or spelling. We're pretty sure you're going to get the best Pokemon prize this issue. Let's answer your second question first: you pretty much have to use an IV calculator.Here's a linkto agood one. Remember, you have to level up a Pokemon a fair amount and keep track of any EV points earned in order to accurately calculate IVs.

As for your first question, male Pokemon can pass down TM, HM, and egg moves. If you're going for a move that's learned by leveling up then make sure both parents (of the same species) know it. When performing some interspecies breeding (ewwww), remember that not all moves can be passed down. You have to know each Pokemon's egg move list to be sure.

Z-man427: Why hasn't Nintendo made wearable items for your pokes? (Like a raincoat for fire types and ground/rock types.)

Answer: This is because Nintendo has taste. We hate animals that wear clothing. They look stupid and it's unnatural. People that put clothing on their pets are stupid.

And that's a wrap for our first ever Pokemusings mailbag! If we used one of your questions, keep your eyes on ourPokemon general discussion forumsto see if you've won a prize. Catch you next week!