Pokemusings, week 22

Out of Deoxys' four forms, we're partial to speed and defense. In speed mode, it's blessed with a base speed of 180. With a little bit of EV training, you can ensure the nothing will outrun your Speed Deoxys. Arming it with Psychic, Thunderbolt, and Ice Beam should take care of almost anything in your way. Defense Deoxys feels a bit cheesy. There's just something wrong with using a legendary Pokemon as a tank/annoyer, but this form of Deoxys is perfect for that role. Its high defense and special defense make it an ideal candidate for exploiting a moveset consisting of Substitute, Toxic, Recover, and Cosmic Power.

We're not too high on the normal and attack forms of Deoxys. They're good, but not as good as other psychic legendaries. Furthermore, they're not terribly difficult to defeat. Normal Deoxys has a base of 50 for both defense and special defense, while Attack Deoxys has a base of 20 for both stats. Yes, you read that correctly - there is a legendary Pokemon with a base defense of 20. While they're pretty powerful in terms of offense and have a versatile move pool, we just don't like how these forms are balanced. These forms just seem inferior to Mew and Mewtwo as far as psychic legendaries go. If you're going to attack with Deoxys, we highly recommend the speed form over these two.

You've probably figured it out by now, but we're giving away a Deoxys in this week's Pokemusings. One lucky winner will get to take home this legendary Pokemon and experiment with all its forms. For a chance to win Deoxys, head on over to ourPokemon general discussion forums and look for a thread called "Pokemusings Week 22: Win a Deoxys!!!" And stay tuned to next week's Pokemusings where we'll be diving into the theatrical world of Pokemon!

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