Pokemusings, week 19

On the competitive scene, Heracross is a well-known terror. However, we've noticed that it doesn't get much love or respect on our very ownPokemon forums. This is almost criminal! Heracross is a lethal force that can single handedly slice your opponent's Pokemon to shreds.

Above: Heracross will use its horn to slaughter your enemies

Heracross has a ridiculously high attack stat and two high-powered moves that get a same-type attack-bonus. Equipping Heracross with Close Combat and Megahorn takes care of a great deal of foes. Keep in mind that the former lowers defense, while the latter is slightly inaccurate. Stone Edge rounds out its coverage nicely, while Pursuit nabs anyone that flees at the sight of the menacing Heracross. With a move set like this, there aren't many Pokemon that can stand up to Heracross, particularly if it's armed with a Choice Scarf to boost its speed.

While many people use the straightforward move set above, Heracross also is a good candidate for Swords Dance and Sleep Talk strategies. Of its two innate abilities, Guts is the most useful. It gives Heracross a 1.5-times bonus when it's inflicted with a status effect. Some people like to give Heracross an accessory like a Toxic Orb to kickstart its attack from the get go. With an already high attack stat, the boost makes it completely ridiculous to deal with.