Pokemusings, week 16

This week, we're going to save you a lot of breeding time by giving away a few Pokemon with optimal natures. First up is a timid Magby. When it evolves into the deadly Magmortar, its nature will give it more speed so that it can use its wicked moves faster. The same thing applies to the Porygon we're giving away; with its timid nature, it'll be a quick and deadly force when it becomes Porygon-Z. Last, but not least, is a jolly Heracross. One of deadliest physical sweepers, Heracross gets a speed boost from its jolly nature.

To win these Pokemon, head on over to ourPokemon general discussion forumsand look for a thread called "Pokemusings #16: Win a Timid Magby, Timid Porygon, and Jolly Heracross!!!" Don't forget aboutthis weekend's Manaphy giveawayat participating Toys 'R Us stores and thenew Electivire codeforPokemon Battle Revolution. We also want to congratulate forum member jimbo42292 for winning September's Pokemon tournament! (Don't forget tosign up for the October competition.) He'll be facing one of our Pokemon masters in the first ever Pokemon Battle Revolution Royale, an exciting video feature you'll be seeing soon. Stay tuned for next week's Pokemusings, where we'll be looking at some strategies for doubles matches!