Pokemusings, week 13

Sept 6, 2007

Our look at the various weather aspects in Pokemon continues! Last week, wechecked out the sun. This time around we're going to look at the rain. While many people associate the rain with dull and dreary days, having a bit of precipitation in your Pokemon battles can be a glorious thing. With the proper understanding, the right Pokemon, and the right moves, you can make it pour when it rains... pour a whole lot of hurtin' on your opponent that is!

There are a few areas in the game that are in a perpetual state of precipitation. If you're not adventuring in one of these areas then there are a few ways to make it rain. First, Pokemon with the Drizzle ability bring rain wherever they go (which makes them quite unwanted at parties). Secondly, Pokemon that know the move Rain Dance (TM 18) can summon some delightful drops of dew.

In case you haven't figured it out, rain is quite a boon to water moves; it boosts their power by 50 percent. Naturally, it also puts a damper on fire moves, decreasing their power by 50 percent. It also gives an amazing boost to Thunder, raising its accuracy to 100 percent.