Pokemon Unite Gardevoir build - evolution, items, abilities and more

Pokemon Unite Gardevoir
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A Pokemon Unite Gardevoir build can go along way with this psychic pokemon's evolution, items and abilities. Pokemon Gardevoir joined the roster of playable Pokemon in Nintendo’s MOBA at the end of July and became the first new Pokemon to join the game since its launch. So, you’re probably keen to play with Gardevoir and try out a new style of play. First up, in order to unlock Pokemon Unite’s Gardevoir, you’ll need to buy the Unite license from the Unite Battle Committee. This will set you back a cool 8,000 Aeos coins or 460 Aeos Gems making it a mid-range price from the other Pokemon on sale.

Now, Gardevoir is a ranged attacker that benefits from using its psychic skills in battle. There’s a lot to unpack in terms of gameplay when deciding how you want to take on each battle in Pokemon Unite but thankfully, we’ve put together a build guide that will help you work out what’s best for you. Gardevoir’s a bit of a glass cannon in so much as it can deal out a lot of damage to opposing Pokemons but it can also die very fast with quite a weak disposition.

This means you’ll want to play into Gardevoir’s strengths, one of which is making sure those hits are impactful and utilizing mobility to get away. You’ll want to create distance for your attacks to take flight and reduce the amount of times you get knocked out of battle and back to spawn.

Pokemon Unite Gardevoir evolution line

When you start each Pokemon Unite battle, you’re taken to the beginning of Gardevoir’s evolution line. That means, at level one, you are Ralts. You’ll want to farm some important HP at this point to reach level six where you will evolve into Kirlia. And at level ten, you finally become Gardevoir. With each level and evolution stage, you unlock new moves to choose from which we’ve detailed in the next section.

Pokemon Unite Gardevoir’s moves

Pokemon Unite Gardevoir

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At base level, Gardevoir has two attacks; Basic Attack and Synchronize. If you play smart, you’ll level up quickly and unlock the following moves.

Between level one to three, you unlock two moves. You’re given the choice between both at level one and then you unlock the second move that you didn’t pick at level three. Confusion is a ranged attack that shoots a psychic blast forwards in your choice of direction. Teleport is a dash attack that warps Gardevoir to a designated area and boosts the next basic attack.

At level six, you can pick one of two. This time, it’s final and you don’t unlock the second one at a higher level. You’ve got Psyshock which is an area attack that shoots three blasts into a designated area. With each attack that impacts directly onto an opposing Pokemon, the cooldown is reduced. This move can also be upgraded to increase damage per hit. Or Future Sight, another area attack but this time with a delayed explosion which also reduces cooldown on impact. This move’s upgrade provides an instant cooldown on impact.

At level eight, you’ve got another choice of two. Psychic is a ranged attack which shoots a ball of energy from distance that affects both the opposing Pokemon’s health and speed over time. An upgrade provides a reduced cooldown. Or Moonblast, a ranged attack that shoots a psychic blast that moves Gardevoir backwards and stuns the first hit Pokemon and damages any others in the area.

Finally, at level ten, you unlock Gardevoir’s Unite move. Fairy Singularity draws in opposing Pokemon by warping the space around it. It then draws in the Pokemon before exploding, damaging and displacing any Pokemon it captured. This hindrance move is all about shocking and shifting your opponents.

The best Pokemon Unite Gardevoir build

Pokemon Unite Gardevoir

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Based on the above moves, we’ve put together the best Pokemon Unite Gardevoir build you can take with you into battle. Of course, this all depends on how you like to play but we’ve leaned into Gardevoir’s strength at range with this one. We’d also recommend partnering up and staying close to at least one member of your team so you can play it safer and get the most out of your attacks from distance.

  1. Confusion (lvl 1)
  2. Teleport (lvl 3)
  3. Psyshock (lvl 6)
  4. Moonblast (lvl 8)
  5. Fairy Singularity (lvl 10)

This build prioritizes damage and for this you’ll need to level up Ralts to Kirlia as quickly as possible. This can be done using Confusion to ensure heavy damage against opponents. Psyshock at level six will take a little getting used to as you’ll need to work on directing your attack whilst also staying on your opponent and avoiding danger but it’s got a great pay off. Moonblast used alongside Psyshock will bulk your shield and movement as well as stunning your opponent which will help out if your Psyshock didn’t land the way you wanted to. And of course, your Unite move, Fairy Singularity, comes into play which will bolster your damage and shock your opponents heading into the end game. This move also pulls enemies in so it can be great to save up and use when your team’s with you and ready to join the fight.

With each Gardevoir build, you’ll want to equip a held item and battle items to boost different stats and help the moves you’ve selected. We’ve listed the best ones in the next section.

Pokemon Unite Gardevoir best items

There’s 16 Pokemon Unite Gardevoir items to choose from but you can only equip your Pokemon with three for each battle and you’ll need to unlock all the items first or purchase them from the Aeos Emporium. Each item has different stats that can boost the way you play. For Gardevoir, we’ve listed some of the best battle items you can take with you into the battle arena.

  1. Float stone - Move faster when not in combat
  2. Shell bell - Special attacks heal 45 HP, plus a percentage of your special attack
  3. Wise Glasses - Increases the damage of special attacks
  4. Sp. Atk. Specs - Permanently increases special attack upon scoring a goal
  5. Energy Amplifier - Deals extra damage after using Unite move
  6. Scope lens - Boosts critical hit damage

We’ve picked these specific items to help with the impact of those special attacks. As mentioned before, Gardevoir is a bit of a glass cannon and so you want to make sure when you hit, you hit hard.

And with held items, you can only take in one. For Gardevoir, as a ranged attacker with quite a fragile disposition, it’s important to make sure you keep your distance and retreat to safety when needed. For this, we’d recommend the Eject Button for its ability to instantly transport Gardevoir to another location.

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