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Pokemon Sword and Shield Everstone: How to get an Everstone and stop Pokemon from evolving

Pokemon Sword and Shield Everstone
(Image credit: Nintendo)

If you want to keep your precious Sobble forever and save it from the uncanny terror of the later evolutions, consider seeking out the Pokemon Sword and Shield Everstone. An Everstone ensures that the given Pokemon you force to hold it will never grow up and blossom into its later evolutions in Pokemon Sword and Shield. This can be a blessing for certain pocket monsters like Pikachu, Sobble, and Chewtle who are too cute to evolve. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to find the Everstone and how to use it to keep your team from evolving in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

How to stop Pokemon from evolving

Pokemon Sword and Shield Everstone

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Make sure you’re comfortable with the regular method for halting evolution so that you don’t mistakenly push your favourite Pokemon into an unwanted evolution before you get the Everstone. When you reach that blue-hued screen where the game will tell you that your Pokemon is evolving, hammer the B button on the right Joy-Con to cancel the process and keep them in their current state. 

Pokemon Sword and Shield Everstone location

To pick up an Everstone you need to progress in the game until you make it to Turffield, which will take a few hours. It’s where the first Grass-type gym in the game is and where you’ll pick up your first badge. As soon as you make it there, head right from the Pokemon Centre and down towards the stadium on the left. Before you reach it there’ll be a fork on the left with a set of mossy stones. Here is where you need to tap A to pick up the Everstone.

Beyond the locations listed above, you could head to Bridge Field in the Wild Area and try your luck with the Digging Duo, two NPCs who will excavate a wall near the nursery for a price. They can return with an Everstone if you’re lucky, but it is random every time.

How to use an Everstone in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Now that you’ve found your Everstone, the process for halting evolutions is fairly simple. Navigate to your in-game bag, open up the Other Items menu and select the Everstone. Don’t use it, make the Pokemon you don’t want to evolve hold it and this will ensure that you won’t have to suffer through that boring screen every time you level it up!

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