Pokemon Sun & Moon starters are an owl, a cat, or a sea lion (and Rowlet is best)

Start planning your next Pokemon team, because the starter and legendary pokemon for Pokemon Sun & Moon have been revealed. As usual for starters, there are two pretty cool pocket monsters, and one that will invariably be chosen last. As for the legendaries, I'm equally torn between the as-of-yet unnamed beasts. Take a look and see what you think:

Now, I understand that everyone has their own preferences and taste when it comes to these adorable little critters with superpowers, and you have the right to your opinion. That said, we can all agree that Rowlet is objectively the best, right?

I mean, first of all, it's an adorable, chubby owl. Second, it's the only one of the three starters that begins with two types, Grass and Flying. Third, unless the table for effectiveness has changed, one of those two types is the other's weakness, which gives it boosted defenses and a larger moveset to choose from. Fourth, did I mention it's an adorable, chubby owl?

Actually, if I'm being honest, more than anything I'm excited for the setting. Alola looks totally different from anywhere we've seen in the Pokemon universe thus far, with Hawaiian-inspired landscapes and decor. We'll all get a chance to take our Rowlets on a tour of the new locale on November 18. Okay, Litten can come too. Popplio, you stay with the professor.

Sam Prell

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