Pokemon Legends Z-A was hinted at in Arceus a full 2 years ago, and barely anyone noticed

Pokemon Legends Arceus
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It turns out one Pokemon fan predicted Pokemon Legends Z-A two years ago, but no one was thinking quite on their level.

Pokemon Legends Arceus kicked off the latest Pokemon spin-off branch back in 2020, and as the original Twitter sleuth points out just below, Rei, one of the game's main characters, was actually from the Kalos region. Because of this, they hypothesized that 2024 would bring remakes of the Kalos-based Pokemon games, which were the Gen 6 Pokemon titles.

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Fast forward two years, and wouldn't you know it, they're right! Partly. The Pokemon Company just announced Pokemon Legends Z-A yesterday, February 27, billed as a return to Lumiose City in the Kalos region. It's not quite the Gen 6 remakes that the original user was predicting, but hey, it's pretty much bang on the money for all other intents and purposes. 

Dusty actually doubled down on their prediction later that same year, according to the tweet below from December 2022. At the same time, they correctly predicted 2023 bringing DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which had only just launched one month prior to the tweet in November. Granted, annual Pokemon DLC is a reasonably safe bet. 

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We'll have to wait a fair while to find out what's actually in store for us in the new Pokemon game, but for now, we at least know Mega Evolutions are back in the cards for the first time in over seven years. Some fans are also convinced that Pokemon Legends Z-A is a Nintendo Switch 2 game, due to one curious line from the game's reveal trailer. 

Read up on our Pokemon Legends Z-A PokeDex guide for a full look over all the 'mons we've managed to identify from the new trailer so far. 

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