Pokemon Go's France-exclusive mon Klefki can actually be caught in England

Pokemon Go Klefki
(Image credit: The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon Go recently rolled out a new batch of region-exclusive Pokemon, but some of them can be caught just outside of their indicated region, which is bad news for territorial treaties but good news for collectors trying to catch 'em all.

As Eurogamer spotted, the France-exclusive Pokemon Klefki can also be found along the south border and southeast corner of England, which is separated from France by a not-insignificant stretch of the North Sea. This is thanks to the way Pokemon Go cordons off regions in large blocks, often allowing neighboring countries to sneak in. Over on the Silph Road subreddit for Pokemon Go sleuths, players have already worked out Klefki spawns in Germany, Italy, Spain, and more.

Apart from the comedy of a keyring-shaped Pokemon shattering historical and maritime borders, the most important part of this discovery is that it confirms the new region-exclusive Pokemon will be more accessible than expected. Obviously, Pokemon Go players in New York won't care that Klefki is also obtainable in another country that's a few thousand miles of ocean away from them, but this geographical overlap could give players in several countries access to multiple exclusives rather than just the one. Multiple previous region-exclusive Pokemon have worked the same way, and it's encouraging to know that the same loopholes are still relevant. 

If you aren't in a position to bypass some borders for the sake of Pokemon collecting, you may want to check out the Pokemon Go December events, which include multiple spotlight hours for specific Pokemon as well as new raids and XP events.  

Austin Wood

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