Pokemon Go won't tell you how much CP potential your Pokemon has - but this calculator will

Pop quiz, hotshot. You've got two Pokemon of roughly equal strength in your Pokemon Go collection, but only enough candy to evolve one of them. How do you pick which one to evolve and which to save (or send to the glue facto-- I mean, professor)? You use the Pokemon Go Evolution Calculator, that's how. 

As we've shown you in our various tips and videos, each Pokemon in Pokemon Go has what's called Combat Power - basically, how strong it is. While you may have discovered that on your own, what you might not have known is that each Pokemon also has its own CP multiplier attached to evolution. It's why a 105 CP Magikarp can transform into a whopping 1,000+ CP Gyarados, while a 105 CP Rattata might end up evolving into a much less impressive 250-ish CP Raticate.

What the Evolution Calculator does is take each Pokemon's multiplier and outputs its potential. Enter in your Pokemon and its current CP, and you'll see its evolved form listed below with a range of CP. The multipliers aren't standard so there's always a chance you'll be unlucky and wind up on the lower side of the scale, but the Evolution Calculator can at least save you some headache and Stardust down the line.

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