Pokemon Go developer Niantic is addressing issues with update that could potentially cause seizures for epileptic players

Pokemon Go
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Update: Pokemon Go developer Niantic is working quickly to fix an issue with its latest update that reportedly had the potential to cause seizures for epileptic players.

In a statement sent to GamesRadar, a spokesperson for Niantic said: "A recent change in the game altered the transition time between screens. We’re working as quickly as possible to correct this issue and expect to publish an app update this week to correct it."

Original: Pokemon Go's new update could potentially induce seizures in epileptic players.

The new update for Pokemon Go, which went live last week, apparently causes a bright white light to appear on screen when tapping on a Pokemon, as the game loads in the creature in question. As you can see below from a post on r/TheSilphRoad just yesterday on June 14, this new feature has the potential to trigger an epileptic seizure in vulnerable players.

However, as the post just above reveals, this bright white flash has actually been around since before the new update went live for Pokemon Go last week. What the new update has actually done is changed the pattern that the white flashing light appears in, to make it both inconsistent and longer, two attributes which are a serious factor for epileptic players.

The player in question has attempted to solve the issue themselves by refreshing their game data, but this unfortunately this doesn't work. In fact, the new pattern of the flashing white light might actually be a glitch, as a mod member of the subreddit is now asking for players to submit their device model and operating system to help identify the "glitch" for developer Niantic.

We've reached out to developer Niantic for comment, and will update this piece accordingly should we hear anything from them.

Right now, you can jump into the brand new Season of Discovery in Pokemon Go. This new season launched back on June 1, and is slated to run all the way until September 1, so there's plenty of time to take part. As for what's in the event itself, it's introduced brand new five-star Raids containing Regirock, Regice, and Registeel, but these three new creatures are only available until later this week on June 17, when an unannounced Pokemon will be making its way into the elite event.

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