Pokemon Go Plus release date set for September 16, here's how it will work

Pokemon Go is coming to Apple Watch, but developer Niantic hasn't forgotten about Pokemon Go Plus, its other (significantly less expensive) wrist-mounted peripheral. The company has confirmed that the teardrop bracelet thing will launch on Friday, September 16 "in much of the world", with a release planned in certain South American countries later in the year. It was originally supposed to come out in July, much closer to Pokemon Go's debut.

Niantic also gave an update on how the $34.99 / £34.99 accessory will help you play the game. First off, you can link the Plus with your phone using Bluetooth (it links up via the power-saving Smart specification). Then boot up the game, stuff it in your bag, and the device will vibrate and illuminate whenever you pass a PokeStop or Pokemon. I'm guessing there are distinct light and vibration patterns depending on which one you're walking by, but either way, you just click the Plus to collect/capture it.

You'll still need to pull your phone out to do item management, gym battles, or any other more complicated bits. But Niantic says being able to handle all the basics right from your wrist makes it much easier to work Pokemon Go into your usual outdoor activities and that sounds about right.

The feature set for Pokemon Go on Apple Watch is slightly different from the Plus despite them both being little gizmos you strap onto your arm: the Apple Watch app can track your egg progress but it can't catch Pokemon, for instance. I bet you'd look like a real cool customer if you went out for a walk with both your Pokemon Go Plus and your Apple Watch buzzing away on your wrist.

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