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Pokemon Go is coming to Apple Watch

As part of the Apple Event today, Niantic has revealed that Pokemon Go (opens in new tab) will be coming to Apple Watch. It won't be a full version of the game, but will help trainers stay engaged with the real world instead of constantly staring at their phones.

The app will function similar to a workout tracker, monitoring how far you've traveled and for how long. You'll also be able to get items from Poke Stops, hatch eggs, and see which Pokemon are nearby, though you'll still need to pull out your phone to actually capture any wild Pokemon you come across.

Still, this is a nice feature for any trainers who've wanted to streamline their Pokemon hunting experience, and hopefully the Apple Watch's history as a fitness device means it'll be more accurate when it comes to tracking distance traveled. Pokemon Go for Apple Watch will be available before the end of the year.

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