Pokemon Go is revealing new pokemon on the 12 of December. Gen 2 on the way?

It's been rumoured and leaked for a while now, but the official Pokemon Twitter account has finally confirmed Pokemon Go will be getting some new Pokemon next week. 

While that's all that particular tweet has to say, there are several other sources all confirming and expanding on this. For example, numerous leaks of a Starbucks' promotion due to be revealed on the 8th has already stated that 'the world of Pokemon GO is about to expand'.

However, what new Pokemon we might get in Pokemon Go has actually been around since last month, when dataminers found the names of 100 new Pokemon from 152, Chikorita, to 251, Celebi. 

That Gen 2 line up came from the same files that uncovered Ditto a few days before it finally appeared in-game so there's some providence there for being right. Plus, it obviously makes sense to work though the Pokedex in order.

That same update also unearthed evidence of daily quests, although there's no way of knowing if we'll see any of that next week with the new faces. 

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Leon Hurley
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