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Pokemon Cafe Mix and Pokemon Smile are two new, free games on Switch and smartphones

(Image credit: Nintendo/The Pokemon Company)

Two free Pokemon games were announced today, and one of them's out right now. 

We've got Pokemon Cafe Mix, a puzzle game for Switch and compatible phones, and Pokemon Smile, a smartphone app that helps kids learn how to brush their teeth. Both were announced in today's Pokemon Presents stream - check out the Pokemon Cafe Mix trailer here (opens in new tab) and Pokemon Smile here (opens in new tab)

In Pokemon Cafe Mix, you're the owner of your own Pokemon cafe, and you'll have to finish puzzles in order to complete orders. The Pokemon can even join the cafe staff, so get ready to give Snorlax a stern talking to for sleeping in the supply closet. When they join your staff they get adorable little red hats and scarves, as well as a card describing their skills and specialities (i.e. Steenee is an entrée queen) that will help you solve your puzzles faster.

As you progress in Pokemon Cafe Mix, you'll get the opportunity to expand your cafe with new tools, bigger space, and a larger menu. Are you mentally prepared to serve Mincinno a cappuccino? Because I am. Pokemon Cafe Mix is a free-to-start game, which means there will be optional in-app purchases. It's available for pre-download right now for Nintendo Switch and compatible smartphone devices.

Pokemon Smile, meanwhile, is a new app for kids that gamifies brushing your teeth. It uses your phone's camera to observe brushing skills and challenge your child (or you, if you have a tooth brushing problem) to defeat cavity-causing bacteria and catch Pokemon. There are over 100 Pokemon to collect in the game, and parents can use the app to track their child's dental hygiene habits. Pokemon Smile can send out up to three notifications per day as reminders to brush those fangs, and the session time can also be set between one and three minutes. You can download and play Pokemon Smile today. 

Listen, if Pikachu can't get a kid to brush their teeth, no one can. 

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Alyssa Mercante
Alyssa Mercante

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