Pokemon Black and White starters revealed, plus tons of info leaked via CoroCoro scans

Massive amount of new Pokemon Black and White info out today via four pages of leaked CoroCoro scans.

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Here's what we've learned for sure so far:
-We know what the new starters look like, andthat they'll continue in the tradition of one each of Grass, Fire and Water type.
-The new region, called Isshu, is geographically distant from previous Pokemon regions.
-The main playable characters are older than in previous games.

Here's what we're pretty sure is true:
-The Grass type starter is named Tsutaaja and is classified as a Grass Snake Pokemon.
-The Fire type starter is named Pokabu and is classified as the Fire Pig Pokemon.
-The Water type starter is named Mijumaru and is classified as the Sea Otter Pokemon.
-As we saw in theRuler of Illusions: Zoroarkmovie trailer, Zoroarkcan transform into other Pokemon usinga new ability called Illusion. How this differs from Ditto's transform is still a mystery.
-Two new moves confirmed: Trickery, an attack that's calculated in some way basedon the opponent's stats, and Claw Sharpen, which raises the user's Attack and Accuracy (viaSerebii).
-Transferring over ashiny Entei, Suicune or Raikou from the Japanese Ruler of Illusions: Zoroark movie ticket preorderswill trigger an event that allows you to capture a level 25 Zoroark.

What we want to know now:
-What are the second and third evolutions for the starters?
-What's that device on the wrists of the trainers? A new Poketch?A new superdevice that combines the PC and the Pokedex?
-When will we get an announcement for North America/Europe? Will we get a shiny legendary beasts giveaway outside of Japan?

Additional scan showing art of the new trainers and five new in-game screens can be found atPokeBeach.

May 12, 2010

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