Pokemon Battle Revolution Royale

Aug 24, 2007

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages, GamesRadar is proud to present the first ever Pokemon Battle Revolution Royale! In this very special event, you'll have the chance to test your might against some of GamesRadar's Pokemon masters on Pokemon Battle Revolution for Nintendo Wii.

To see how you stack up, head to ourPokemon Forumsand sign up for ourOfficial Pokemon Tournament. The winner of the tournament will face off against one of our resident GamesRadar Pokemon masters and have his battling skills immortalized, as we'll be recording the epic battle and posting video with play-by-play commentary.

Above: Munchlax is cute, but leave him at home for this competition

Win or lose, there are many illustrious prizes to be had, including legendary Pokemon and hard-to-get fan favorites, a sampling of which includes:

- Rayquaza
- Mewtwo
- Manaphy
- Charmander (that knows Flamethrower, Shadow Claw, and Aerial Ace)
- Togepi (with Serene Grace that knows Water Pulse)
- Mudkip (that knows Waterfall, Ice Beam, and Rest)

To enter the tournament, you'll need a copy of Diamond or Pearl and a DS, with the ability to battle over WiFi. The winner of the tournament will need to have access to Pokemon Battle Revolution and a Wii with the ability to battle over WiFi to be able to participate in PBR Royale.

Sign-ups are being accepted now, so hurry to theforumsand register before enrollment closes. Make sure to check out all of the details there too, like contest rules and deadlines. Good luck!