PlayStation Move gets restocked ahead of Kinect launch

Microsoftplans to steal all of Sony's motion-control mojo when Kinect finally hits stores this weekamid a whirlwind marketing campaign. But Sony's putting up a fight - the company has just shipped out a big batchof new Move controllers.

Retailers around the country reported strong sales of Move following its September 17 launch. Amazon, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and GameStop all showed high consumer interest beginning on launch day. Pre-order demand was also high, but not through the roof.

Sony appears to be on top of the peripheral's distribution as GameStop locations have reportedly just received brand new shipments of Move controllers and bundles before running out of stock.

So far, Move has reached more than one million unit sales in North America. Microsoft wants to move more than three million Kinect unitsin the same period of time, and Kinect pre-orders are already all filled up at and

Can it happen? We'll see. The motion war begins November 4. Also, "motion war" sounds like it'd be a cool sci-fi story, maybe penned byShatner.

[Source:Punch Jump]

Nov 1, 2010