PlayStation lost Brazil the World Cup!

Video games are widely regarded as one of the bad guys. Indeed, if our sedentary pastime isn't being framed for a murder, massacre or some other heinous act against humanity, then it's being scolded for fostering a pasty-faced generation of lazy, overweight misfits. That can't drive.

Stories of how videogames are corrupting the innocent and tainting childhoods are commonplace. Two such examples presented themselves just last week - a student's cannabis rampage was likened to Xbox 360 gang-banger, Saints Row; whileSave the Children mourned "imaginative play"amongst kids in favor of "more passive pastimes such as computer games."

Society is broken and undoubtedly produces many casualties, but are videogames single-handedly orchestrating its downfall?

Above: Saints Row, yesterday

It's a debate that will drag on and on with the same accusatory fingers jabbing and casting baseless aspersions in the direction of gaming and, quite frankly, it's an argument that will never be resolved. It's also a bit boring, so we've hunted high and low in a light-hearted fashion to bring you a variety of other problems that gaming has taken a punch in its flabby guts for.

From swollen hands and deflated Brazilian ball skills, through to the death of The Great Outdoors and children playing rough. Gaming is indefensibly culpable. Or at least that's what we're told...