PlayStation-inspired meals are now being sold by Deliveroo

Uncharted 4
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PlayStation is partnering with Deliveroo in Australia to deliver dishes based on iconic games like Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us 2.

Starting today, December 3, three restaurants will be taking part in the #PlayStationTo Plate campaign. Two of those restaurants, both based in Sydney, will be making dishes based on Naughty Dog games; Mary's is making the steak sandwiches offered to Ellie by Seth towards the start of The Last of Us 2, while The Italian Bowl recreates the pasta dish that Nathan Drake and Elena eat in Uncharted 4 as the former wrestles with yet another call to adventure.

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Arguably the trickiest dish comes from Melbourne's Bistro Morgan Bakehouse. The bakery is attempting to recreate Chef Tulio's Sirangian Honey Mousse from Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. Given that Insomniac's game takes place on multiple alien worlds, presumably there'll need to be at least one substitution in this dish, unless Melbourne is secretly a hotspot for Sirangian honey.

While all three dishes highlight something of each game's culinary landscape, The Last of Us players seem a little perplexed by their offering. Ellie famously rejects Seth's sandwiches, handing them over to Jesse after all but rejecting the apologetic gesture. Instead, some fans have argued, Deliveroo should be offering up Abbie's burritos from later in the game, which are consumed with much greater enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, unless you're in Australia between December 3 and 13, you'll probably struggle to get your hands on any of these offerings, but then there's also nothing stopping you from trying your hand at making one yourself.

If that idea captures your imagination, check out the Stardew Valley fan recreating every recipe from the game. 

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