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PlayStation exclusive title Wild has reportedly been canceled after 7 years

(Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Wild, a previously upcoming PlayStation title from 2014, has been canceled according to an industry insider. 

As shared by VGC, journalist and industry insider Jeff Grubb recently stated in a Giant Bomb video: "I can confirm that the game is fully done. There is no Wild anymore… Wild is dead."

The prehistoric adventure game was originally in development at Wild Sheep Studio in collaboration with Sony Interactive Entertainment and was announced to the world at Gamescom in 2014. Wild was written and directed by Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil dev Michel Ancel however Ancel announced his retirement from the video game industry in September 2020. 

In the same video, Grubb gives more detail about the situation stating: "I think Michel Ancel abandoned the project… he’s not working on it anymore, the project got shut down," he continues by saying “I don’t know what happened with that, but [the team] were like, 'we’re not working on [Wild] anymore, but we do have a lot of talent here, so maybe we can work on some stuff.'"

The game did pop up again a few years after its initial announcement however the last we saw of it was through an Instagram post shared by Ancel in 2017 which featured a shot of the upcoming game. 

Another game that was being developed by Ancel, however still hasn’t seen the light of day, was Beyond Good & Evil 2, which was recently announced as still in development with Ubisoft and "progressing well" after initially being announced in 2008.

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