PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale roster - Who is in, and who do we want?

Meet the crew

PlayStation's brawler is out, allowing you to pit your favorite non-Nintendo characters against each other in a battle royale of epic proportions (you can read our full PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale review here). The cast list is fairly beefy, sporting nearly two-dozen characters from nearly as many franchises, both Sony-owned and beyond.

We've assembled the final list, and included a list of fighters we want added in as additional DLC, too. Take a look, and let us know who you think should be added to the game!

Updated with all of the DLC characters, including two announced for March!

Isaac Clarke (Dead Space) - DLC

We actually had Dead Space's Isaac Clarke on our list of characters we wanted to see added as downloadable content (you can see that list after this roster), and we're happy to hear that the character will be part of DLC coming out in March. The hero will be sporting his Dead Space 3 armor and strategically dismembering his enemies. Well, not really, but he'll shoot them a bunch. IGN went hands-on with the new hero and said that he played like Jak, relying on his multitude of weapons over brute force.

Zeus (God of War) - DLC

Also coming in March is Zeus, Kratos's mortal enemy in the God of War series (besides Ares, of course). We didn't think Sony would add any additional characters from the GoW pantheon, but if they were going to we suppose Zeus is as good of a pick as any. IGN went hands-on with Zeus as well, comparing him to the larger characters in PSASBR. With his powerful punches and focus on slow, strong hits, he's more similar to Big Daddy than he is the game's other lightning-wielder in Cole.

Kat (Gravity Rush) - DLC

The plucky heroine from the best PlayStation Vita game is probably the most exciting piece of free DLC weve ever anticipated. From the sounds of it, Kats fighting forte will be mastery of the airspace, using her gravity-shifting powers to set up big damage in the sky. Were willing to bet that her level 3 Super will suspend everyone in a bubble of anti-gravity, letting her dive-kick them out of existence with ease.

Emmett Graves (Starhawk) - DLC

This superpowered mercenary from the PS3-exclusive shooter was a shoe-in for Battle Royale, given that Sweet Tooths pre-order costume is also a product of Starhawk. With volatile Rift Energy coursing through his veins, we imagine his playstyle will incorporate long-range gunplay and up-close machete-stabbing. Designer Seth Killian has also explicitly stated that Emmett will have access to the same Build and Battle mechanic that lets him air-drop in entire structures to gain the positional advantage.

Cole MacGrath (inFamous)

inFamous's Cole MacGrath is the perfect fighting game character. He can punch, he can kick, he can hit things with a baton, and he can shoot lightning out of his freaking hands . He's sort of made for this sort of thing, which is why it wasn't all that surprising that he was announced to officially be joining the roster. He looks like he mostly uses attacks from his inFamous 2 move set, with supers including the ability to throw ice attacks and to unleash a vortex, which we're guessing is his level 3 Super.

Dante (DmC)

As expected, the new DmC's Dante is a playable fighter in Sony's brawler. The crude, rude combatant brings with him all of his moves from the games, including his sword, his scythe, his pistols, and his wit. Using his special meter, Dante can dash through opponents, or even activate his Devil Trigger, turning his hair white, his jacket red, and allowing him to execute one-hit kills on helpless enemies.

Fat Princess (Fat Princess)

As rumored, Fat Princess's titular Fat Princess is in the game. Well, to be fair, she's actually more portly than flat-out fat. Different directional attacks have her throwing different characters from Fat Princess into battle, tossing knights, mages, and archers around the battlefield. She can also ride a giant chicken, so you know, theres that.

Jak and Daxter (Jak and Daxter)

Jak and Daxter will fight as one, using their combined powers to take down their enemies on the 2D battlefield. Trailers show them bashing enemies to death for their level one and two Super attacks, and Jak transforming into "Light Jak" as his third-level ultimate ability.

Kratos (God of War)

This one was obvious. Kratos has a game coming out soon (check out a list of What we want to see from God of War: Ascension), making him an obvious choice for the game. And, unexpectedly, he plays exactly as youd expect Kratos to play. His basic attacks involve him lashing out with the Blades of Chaos, executing moves in the same manner as he does in the God of War games. He also has access to Helioss head, a bow, and the wings of Icarus.

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