PlayRadar: What happened when we took on the world at CoD4

March 27 saw our fortnightly multiplayer event begin on the war-torn streets and rain-soaked decks of Call of Duty 4’s multiplayer free-for-all maps.

The experience was filled with intense fire-fighters (that ended with us in a bullet-ridden heap), sneaky knife attacks (ending with us nursing multiple stab wounds) and enough expletives to make South Park sound like akid's TV show (we weren’t involved in this bit). Take a look below and see if you impressed us, or sucked enough to standout.

Game: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Match type: Free-for-all
Maps played: Backlot, Crash, Bloc, Vacant, Overgrown, Wet Work
Who Pwned? SnigglesMcgee, dan de la peche, joshcorlett5, FuryAc3

Match Highlights: Game 1

Things started badly as we quickly realised that everyone else had access to much more powerful firepower than us, but not being ones to complain we worked with the tools we to hand. Needless to say the first match did not go well.

Game 2
After being made to repeatedly eat the ground by SnigglesMcgee we found some form and managed to string a five kill streak together. However the resulting airstrike proved ineffective, as out military brain took a wrong turn and targeted the wrong side of the map.

Game 3
A stealth kill gives us a three kill streak and the chance to launch our UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). Armed with the ability to see where everyone was we were soon clambering our way up the leaderboard, before being shot in the head by someone hiding behind a wall of fire.

Game 4
Note to self: Under no circumstances is it a good idea to run around in the open when there’s an enemy helicopter overhead.

Game 5
It might have been the distant sound of gunfire or the effect of multiple flash bangs but we swear we heard someone say “PlayRadar is class” during this match.

Game 6
We’ll admit it. It wasn’t the moving ship, or the rain getting in our eyes, or even the fact that our camo made us stand out like an elephant on the Serengeti. We just weren’t that good this round.

Game 7
The penultimate game started with everyone camping for the first 2 minutes before we got and bored went looking for the action. We found it by looking backdown FuryAc3’s sniper scope on more than one occasion.

Game 8
We’re on fire, two killing streaks and an air strike put us top of leaderboard, only to be knocked down to 2nd in the dying seconds by our new worst enemy FucyAc3.

The next set of matches will take place on 10 April. If you want to get involved just send a friend request to our PSN or Xbox LIVE account and we’ll invite you into one of our private matches the next time we play.

Xbox LIVE ID: PlayRadar
PSN ID: PlayRadar