Playing Overwatch solo is less fun, here's how Blizzard is fixing that with a single button

Playing Overwatch with people who aren't assholes is so much more fun than the alternative, but solo players have to take what the matchmaker gives them. Now Blizzard plans to make it way easier to stick with a good group once you're matched up with one, all by adding a single button to the post-game screen. Praise the Iris.

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan outlined the proposed "Stay With Group" button in the game's latest developer update video. You can skip to 10:31 if you want to see it, or watch the whole thing for details on upcoming revisions to Symmetra as well.

It's so beautifully self explanatory: you like your group, you click the "Stay With Group" button that appears in the post-match screen, and everybody who clicks it gets partied up and sent off for more payload pushing. And yes, you could have always just said "hey good round who wants to party up?" and rushed to invite anyone who responded, but automating that process is so much easier for the lazy and/or socially awkward among us.

I feel like a creeper whenever I invite strangers to my party (and also worry that strangers inviting me to their party are probably creepers) but this just makes it a part of the game, with no special effort on anybody's behalf. I love it. Kaplan says the button should appear for testing in one of Overwatch's upcoming Public Test Realm updates. Hopefully it won't take long to propagate to the main game after that.

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Connor Sheridan

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