Playground Games' Fable 4 is seemingly in a playable state

Fable 4
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Fable 4 could be on the way sooner than we think after the game's producer quietly reveals that the game is in a playable state. 

As spotted by Twisted Voxel, Fable 4 seems to be approaching the home stretch of its development after the game's producer, Vijay Gill, gave a very small insight into Fable's development via LinkedIn. According to Gill's profile, the producer has been "preparing and facilitating regular game playthroughs and build reviews with key stakeholders" - which would suggest the game is playable now. 

Despite it feeling like forever since Fable 4 was announced, we actually only found out about it in 2020, meaning we've only been waiting for just under three years for it now. Unfortunately, it's unlikely that we'll be able to play Fable ourselves this year as the team working on the game has been through several changes since this announcement, including gaining a new narrative lead. That could suggest there's still some work to do before the game is able to be released.

This Fable game is in development from Playground Games - a studio that's primarily known for developing the Forza racing games. Don't be too worried about this transition from the original developer (Lionhead Studios) to Playground Games though; Xbox has said it knows giving Fable 4 to Forza Horizon studio "could be a little bit of a head-scratcher", but has promised that "they get it". The new Fable game is also being built using the same engine as Forza Motorsport - so you know it's going to look amazing if nothing else. 

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