Players are impressed with Halo Infinite's new maps, but technical issues abound as Season 3 drops

Halo Infinite Season 2 breaker big team battle map
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Halo Infinite's new maps are proving a hit, but technical issues are souring the entire thing for many players.

Halo Infinite's new Season 3: Echoes Within just launched earlier this week. Cliffhanger, Chasm, and Oasis have joined the game's multiplayer map rotation, and so far at least, the trio is turning out to be a big hit with both newbie and veteran Halo players alike.

Taking to the Halo Infinite subreddit, you can see a few examples of players praising developer 343 for the new maps. "New maps just scream classic Halo to me. Amazing," writes one Reddit user, while another adds "The new BTB map is incredible, we need more maps like that," referencing the new Big Team Battle Map, Oasis.

While the three new maps are going down a treat, the technical issues aren't. From the countless player reports we're now seeing, it looks like the Season 3 update has absolutely tanked the frame rate on consoles for some players. There are numerous reports of Xbox Series X's 120Hz mode dropping to 60FPS, and the Xbox Series S console just crashing out of Halo Infinite completely.

"Can't even launch the game on PC. Tried restarting everything, validate game files, nothing," one Reddit user writes, with a number of users saying they've had the same experience. "120fps bug on Xbox is pretty bad," writes another player, with others saying the 'Customization' in Halo Infinite completely tanks their frame rate in similar ways.

Season 3: Echoes Within is proving to be a seriously mixed bag for Halo Infinite players right now. Here's hoping 343 can right the ship on the technical side before too long.

Recently, Halo Infinite's Forge mode has spawned over a million creations, a stellar number for the player-driven experience. 

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