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Playable Luigi has been discovered in Super Mario Bros. 35

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Nintendo fans have discovered a hidden Luigi unlockable in the new Nintendo’s new battle royale platformer, Super Mario Bros. 35

Super Mario. 35 has been on the Nintendo Switch for a few weeks now, and players have been trying to find a way to find the hidden Luigi. Well, Nintendo fans have finally figured out a way. 

To be able to unlock Luigi, all you have to do is hold L on your Nintendo Switch controller while selecting and loading into a match, it may take a few seconds but Mario should be replaced by his green brother. Early reports also suggested that in order to unlock Luigi, it would require you to be at Star Rank, which is a level over 100. 

However, CombotronRobot on Twitter shared a video demonstrating the find, and later revealed in the Twitter thread that Star Rank is not required. They then confirmed that multiple players have discovered that in order to officially unlock Luigi, you must have completed every stage in Super Mario Bros. 35 at least once to gain access. 

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This isn’t the first time Luigi has been found in a Super Mario title. 25 years after the release of Super Mario 64, Nintendo fans were able to find Mario’s second half within the source code of the game that was uncovered through a giga leak. Files were found within the leak of Luigi’s character model suggesting that he was planned to be playable. 

Nintendo did not mention anything about Luigi being playable in Super Mario Bros. 35 leading up to the game's release, so perhaps waiting for fans to discover a new variation of him has become a thing?

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