Play WoW with a 360 pad

Oct 17, 2007

Blue Orb is offering what it's calling SwitchBlade, "a software package designed to allow gamers to play Blizzard's massively popular World of Warcraft using an Xbox 360 controller."

Available only from community platform Xfire, SwitchBlade's first compatible game will be WoW, with other titles to follow. The software launches for free today.

From the press release: "In addition to its 'plug and play' pre-configured options, SwitchBlade is a highly customizable application. Experienced World of Warcraft players get extensive opportunities to reconfigure button mappings to match their unique style of play.

"We all know that World of Warcraft is popular, but a lot of gamers are just hooked on the console controller experience," said Aaron Levin, Blue Orb's Vice President of Business Development. "With SwitchBlade, they can relax on the couch with a gamepad instead of hunching over a keyboard and mouse."

Clearly, this is targeted towards console gamers who might have been waiting for console-like controls before jumping into WoW, but how about you experienced WoW players? Would you make the switch so you can "relax" a little bit? The 360 controller does have quite a few buttons...

Source:Next Generation