Play The Matrix Online first

Fans of the Wachowskis' films must not know where to look at the moment - except for at the woman in the red dress.

After all, yesterday, Atari announced their next Neo-focused foray into , while today Sega are preparing to start the beta testing of their MMORPG, The Matrix Online.

Created by Monolith, and Larry and Andy Wachowski, The Matrix Online takes the story beyond the films into a persistent web-based world where each character can choose their tribe, pick their side and take part in bullet-time shoot outs and kung fu kick offs.

More importantly, Sega have finally confirmed that the game will launch in the US on 22 March and in Britain on 8 April.

And if you fancy being one of the first to play the game on this side of the pond, click your mouse to register with Sega.

Demonstrating how the game has already grabbed a nation by the Nebuchaunezzer, a group of American beta testers have already set up their own radio station inside the game.

This can only be a good sign for the longevity of the game as everyone knows MMORPGs rely on their players (along with phat beats) to make them work. And you can hear how the digital DJs are getting on via this .

The Matrix Online will hit the net for PC on 8 April