Play The Division for free - including the entire campaign and multiplayer - May 4 to May 8

This weekend, you'll be able to download and play Tom Clancy's The Division without any pesky restrictions. A new free weekend trial will go live at 12am Pacific / 7am UTC on May 4 and run until 11:59pm Pacific on May 7 / 7am UTC on May 8.

I say "new" because there's actually already a free trial system in place, though it's much more restrictive. Right now, you can play The Division for free up to level 8 or until you've accumulated six hours of play time.

But according to the game's official site, players of this weekend's trial will have access to the full game, including all modes and customization options. If you don't get your fill and decide you want to continue your Manhattan misadventures, you'll be able to transfer your progress to the full game, which will be on sale for 60% off until May 9.

Once this free weekend promotion ends, the aforementioned free trial that ends after players hit level 8 or play for six hours will be reinstated. See you in the Big Apple, agent. Sam out.

Sam Prell

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