Play Lair on your PSP

Sept 4, 2007

Sony's dragon-themed aerial combat game, Lair, has become the first PS3 Blu-Ray game to allow full gameplay on the PSP via Remote Connection.

Remote Connection is a feature built into the PSP and PS3 that allows you to access your PS3 via the handheld - but it hasn't previously allowed you to play PS3 games remotely, only access to your stored music and video.

The main reason for the restriction, we expect, was because Remote Play requires the PS3 to stream the video and sound signal to PSP which, due to the limitations of the wireless connection technology, tends to be quite low quality and often lag-ridden, thus not suitable for gameplay.

But if you're willing to put up with a considerable drop in visual quality, you can play Lair on the handheld using the little analog knob to control your dragon.

Hopefully, future games will follow suit, allowing you to play your latest PS3 titles potentially from anywhere in the world via the internet.

Check out this video to see it working.