Eradicate your friends in Plague, Inc: Evolved's new multiplayer mode

It's plague vs plague in Plague, Inc: Evolved on PC and Xbox One. A new update has introduced competitive multiplayer, along with a plethora of new evolutions for your deadly disease/fungus/mutation/cooties. Send a plane full of sick passengers to a far-off country, help humans develop a cure against your opponent, or overload immune systems and kill millions. It's the most morbid game about dots turning red you're likely to ever play.

A new achievement has also been introduced, and creator James Vaughan is patient zero. Anyone who plays against him in the new multiplayer mode will "catch" the achievement, which can then spread to the rest of the Plague, Inc: Evolved community.

If all of this sounds a little… sickening, maybe it'll help you feel better to know that Plague, Inc has worked with the CDC to use the game as an educational tool, and has also helped raise money to fight real-world diseases like ebola. See? It's not all about horrible pandemics wiping out humanity.

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Sam Prell

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