TGS 2011: PixelJunk Lifelike gets a slightly less baffling but cooler rename - PixelJunk 4am

The game formerly known as PixelJunk Lifelike was just renamed. But why go from one inscrutable name to another with PixelJunk 4am? Artist, musician, performer and collaborator Baiyon answered the question in a recent interview: 4am represents the exact mood and feeling we’ve captured. 4am is that deep night hour. In clubs, the music drifts to a new level entering a deepened state that often seems removed from reality. Whether you’re in a club or not, 4am always feels like the night has gone on forever, where there’s still a little time left before dawn. This late night feel better represents our current visual and musical style.”

OK, but what exactly is PixelJunk 4am?

Not quite a game, 4am is a Move-controlled performance tool that plays off the sounds and visuals Baiyon crafted for the gorgeously minimalist PixelJunk Eden. In 4am, 2D imagery floods the TV screen, and the player stands in front with a Move controller, swinging and swaying, flicking and flittering, stretching the music and shifting its direction while the on-screen visuals respond in kind. Players can also stream their music live across PSN, creating online performances for others to enjoy. “We can’t wait to see people playing 4am deep into the early morning hours,” Baiyon says.

Having seen Baiyon perform this in person back at E3, we can confidently say 4am is the rare non-game killer app – a great reason to dust off that Move controller and experience something unlike anything on any other system right now. PixelJunk 4am still doesn’t have a release date, but look for it eventually, exclusively on PS3.

Sep. 14, 2011

Source: PlayStation Blog