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GameCube | Submitted by Marc

Captain Olimar Trophy

This is a really cool-looking and easy to get trophy! All you have to do is play 1 day of Pikmin (not a 24-hour day, just a regular Pikmin-game day) and then play Super Smash Brothers. After the Melee Main Menu, it should say "You've gotten the Captain Olimar trophy".

GameCube | Submitted by Spaztastic

Take Down The Evil Fat Mushroom

First, you need 50 red Pikmin for this, when you get to the circular area that he is in, dismiss 30 Pikmin, but keep them away from the mushroom, but not too far. Get the other 20 to attack it's legs (if it looks like it's sucking in air, get your Pikmin away from it!)hopefully, it will tip over.When it does, throw the Pikmin on it, as fast as you can! When it gets upright get your Pikmin away, if they don't, the mushroom will spread a spore and turn them against you, get your other 30 Pikmin to battle the evi ones, repeat until it is dead. Also the top is the missing part, the other half is a lot of pellets.

GameCube | Submitted by Anthony

Get Fireworks!

press D-down to see fireworks

GameCube | Submitted by Gamecube Gamer

Lots Of Pikmen Fast!

To make this faster and easier, get the yellow pikmin first. Then go to the "Impact Site" level and go into the part past the box with the number 10 on it. Have the yellow pikmin pick up the bomb rocks on the other side of the box, and use three of them to knock down the white wall. Once you go inside, stay close to the sides as not to drown your pikmin. To the right, around the corner is a clam type thing with a pearl in it's mouth. Stand next to it and put your site in it's mouth just next to the pearl. Grab a pikmin with a bomb rock and toss it it. It should land in, run out and throw it's bomb rock. Do this twice to kill it. Have them take it back to the onion and you get about 50 pikmin seeds!!!

GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

How To Get Almost 200 Pikmin!

Go to The Impact Site after getting the Yellow Pikmin (or blues) ,and first get the yellows to break the wall with bomb rocks, then you fight the clamb guys (a pearl should be in there) then when you beat him ,carry the pearl back to the onion & you'll get 50 Pikmin for it.

GameCube | Submitted by alex

Find A Ship Part

If you want to find the Geiger Counter do all of the following.... First, go to THE FOREST OF HOPE second, get about 50 yellows 30 reds and 20 blues. Now go up to the two spotty bulburls and defeat them both then if have not torn down that wall do so now. Go though and turn left and go though where a brick wall stood (or is still standing). Now go take out all the bulburls (if there are any). Dissmiss your pikmin and call your blues back and push that 10 block out of the way. Now defeat every burrowing snargret. The last one gives you the Geiger Counter once you defeat it. If it is close to sunset put your blues on the Geiger Counter so they can cut though the lake to make it faster and the rest on pellets till you get to camp................. and that's how you get the Gieger Counter.

GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

Battle Tactic

In the forest of hope, there are these huge predators that are red with white polka dots. They sleep during the day. If you attack them from the front, you can lose as many as seventy pikmin! However, if you sneak up behind them while they're sleeping, put Olimar directly behind the rear of the predator, and push the c stick in the direction of the enemy, you can kill it almost instantly with a minimum of 40 pikmin and not lose any!

GameCube | Submitted by Budbrowny

Space Float

To get the space float you must first go to the Naval Base and find the blue ognion. After you get a few blue pikmin, find a flower with a pellet in it and get one of your blue pikmin to slash it down. Don't do anything until a beetle-like creature comes and trys to eat it, when he does send 2 pikmin at the pellet they will fight for it and drag the beetle back to the ognion where the ray will pull the pellet and the beetle up and the beetle will get hurt. You will have to do this 2 times and when the beetle dies you will get The Space Float. (Your Pikmin won't attack this creature so that is the only way to kill it)

GameCube | Submitted by Yunus45

Find Smokey Progg Worth 100 Pikmin

Go to the Distant Spring after day 15.Go to the southern lake area until you find a cluster of islands that looks like a flower.Attack the egg in the center until it opens and the Smokey Progg will come out.Try to destroy it and take it to an onion and it will be worth 100 pikmin!

GameCube | Submitted by Carl Di rocco

Get Spaceship's Jet

To get the jet for the spaceship get blue pikmin and go to the catchments of water next to the blue onion in where you found it.

Now, there should be a hill leading down to another catchments go there and find the jet

GameCube | Submitted by kaelan robison

Armored Cannon Beetle

If you are having trouble with the big black bug that shoots rocks read this. take 30,40, or 50 red pikmin to one. when he inhales air throw a pikmin into his air hole and the pikmins head will get stuck in it. don't worry it wont kill the pikmin. the bug will then open his wings and start panicking. while he's panicking throw as much pikmin as you can onto his steaming hot back before he closes his wings. repeat till he's dead.

GameCube | Submitted by phil

How To Never Lose Pikmin At Night

When you see the sun get on the second to last circle thingies on the meter go around and get your pikmin in your group. STAY RIGHT WHERE YOU GOT YOUR LAST PIKMIN!!!! and stay there until sundown try this and you shouldn't lose pikmin at night.

GameCube | Submitted by bad

The Final Trial

You will need to get 29 rocket parts to unlock the final trial. The part that you will get is the secret safe. You will need to dedicate 1 day for moving boxes, blasting stones, and building bridges. Get about 80 blue pikmin to make a bridge. Hop 3 yellow pikmin across the pool of water by throwing them on the islands. Get 3 bombs and blast the rock barricade that blocks the way to a bridge. Know take 10 red pikmin in the fire geysers. They can resist fire. Lead them to the box and move it. Next, take the blue pikmin to build another bridge on the island. You know have finished the day.

On the next day, go to the same place and break the white wall by the box. Go right of the arena and break the other one. Get all the bombs you can get with yellow pikmin. When you go inside the arena, a boss will appear. Pop the bomb carriers into its mouth. The boss will fall down. Get as many pikmin as you can to go on to its face. repeat these steps. The boss will die and you will get the secret safe, the last rocket part. A special ending will come at the end.

GameCube | Submitted by rat boy

Beat Final Boss

To defeat the huge snail thing you should bring 50 yellow pikmin and 50 red. First get to all the bombs surrounding the pit and have the yellow pikmin grab them. then feed the yellow pikmin with the bombs to him then have the reds destroy him.

GameCube | Submitted by Calvin

Get Pikmin To Grow Faster

When you're Pikmin carry their pellets to their onions and when the pikmin sprout don't pick them and go to work again and when it is sunset go back wear the pikmin in the ground are and the pikmin in the ground are flower pikmin


GameCube | Submitted by Anthony

Challenge Mode

Save the game once and go to the main menu

GameCube | Submitted by Gamecuber

Secret Mode

It's easy just meet everykind of Pikmin (blue, yellow, and red)and collect every rocket part and escape the planet before the 30 days are up and Challenge Mode will appear on the main menu. The point of Challenge mode is to breed as many Pikmin as you can in one day. It's not as simple as it sounds because these things happen:

1.you can access every area,

2.enemys pop up in new places to eat you,

3.day is longer,

4.you can work a little bit at night (a second or so)

5.Pikman take longer to find and be reproduced by by pellets (as in it's hard to find them in the ground)

6.areas are not the same in Challenge mode (including pellets and Pikmin in the ground)

Enjoy the mode!!!


GameCube | Submitted by A Person

Beeping Water

First, go to Forest Navel. Then take out 35 blue Pikmin and go over to the ponds. Now, use the C-stick to push your Pikmin against the wall. You should hear a loud beeping noise.


GameCube | Submitted by Andrew

Turn Captain Olimar Into A Pikmin

First, I suggest taking out your memorycard. Then just get the engine. Next just keep pressing start and select go to sunset. Keep doing this until the 30 days are up and there should be a little movie and the pikmin will carry captain olimar`s dead body. The onion will spit out captain olimar and he will have a leaf on his head.

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