Nintendo confirms Pikmin 4 release date, but it's a little later than May

Pikmin 4 release date trailer Nintendo Direct February 2023
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Nintendo has finally revealed the release date for Pikmin 4, and it's later than previously thought. 

After leaking earlier this week, Nintendo has confirmed the Pikmin 4 release date, and it's set for July 21, 2023. Previously, it was thought that Pikmin 4 would be released in May of this year - as we now know though we're going to have to wait just a little bit longer to play the sequel.

During today's Nintendo Direct showcase, we got a brand new trailer that featured our flowery friends up to their usual shenanigans as well as their new pup companion. Which you can see for yourself below. 

It looks like we can expect the same antics we've seen from previous Pikmin games, however with some new features. First of all, we're now getting Ice Pikmin in the game which can freeze bodies of water that other Pikmin can glide across like an ice rink. 

This isn't the only way Pikmin can get around as we were also introduced to a very goofy-looking but extremely fuzzy creature called Oatchi that resembles a dog. Oatchi will also help the Pikmin get around by giving them a ride across Pikmin 4's world, smashing into anything in their way, and dragging heavy objects for them.

We first heard about Pikmin 4 in September 2022, so we really haven't had to wait too long to get our first trailer and the game's release date. Fans have got to be excited about a brand new pint-sized adventure considering the last time we got a brand new Pikmin game was in 2013 for the WiiU. 

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