Pikmin 4 trailer reveals an incredible dog and shuts down May release rumor

Pikmin 4
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Update, February 8: A new trailer for Pikmin 4 arrived as part of today's Nintendo Direct, shutting down a previously rumored release date.

Pikmin 4 is set to launch on July 21. The new trailer shows off ice Pikmin that can freeze water, and a big ol' dog-like creature you can ride across obstacles or send to carry obstacles with the strength of multiple Pikmin.

Original story follows: A retailer has listed a May 23 release date for Pikmin 4.

As spotted yesterday by My Nintendo News, Greek retailer Game Explorers has listed a May 23 release date for Pikmin 4. As far as we know, Pikmin 4 has only ever had a loose release window of some point in 2023, as Nintendo originally announced last year in a Nintendo Direct presentation.

This could be a sign of things to come for Nintendo. Last week, there were heavy rumors of a Nintendo Direct scheduled to take place this week, lent credence considering Nintendo has held a Direct showcase in February for the last few years in a row.

The new retailer listing for Pikmin 4 could mean that the May 23 release date might be announced at that potential Direct. Then again, it could simply be an error in the retailer listing and nothing more, as we've seen countless times with retailers like Amazon in the past.

We've seen nothing of Pikmin 4 since the Nintendo Direct in September 2022, when Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto introduced footage of the sequel after the project had been missing in action for many years. Considering Pikmin 4 has been in development for at least eight years at this point, long-time fans are more eager than ever for news of the anticipated game.

We'll have to keep an ear out to see whether the rumors of a Nintendo Direct turn into anything concrete, and whether Pikmin 4 is finally given a firm release date.

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