Photoshop Challenge: Get Loki FIRST RESULTS!

Thank you for sharing your Loki images - we reveal some of our favourites...

Yes, it's time to Get Loki!

We asked you to edit the picture of Loki in his cell from Thor: The Dark World , for no other reason than we thought the many Tom Hiddleston fans around the world might get a kick out of it. We promised to check out all the Photoshopped images that were emailed or tweeted at us, and sure enough we did. And here *drum-roll* are our five favourites (so far):

Lego Loki by Lego Loki

Big Bang Theory by Chalkboard Project

Cats by Sarah

The Princess Bride by Paul Davies (Mr Cairo)

Something a little artistic by Christina Gagnon and the @HiddleGoddesses (who also sent us three other great images too)

We also heard from loads more, but notable shout-outs go to Keith Beach (turning the cell into a public library with a subtle sign), Kim Beverly (adding a grumpy cat to match Loki's glare), Christina (also a grumpy cat) and Estelle Check (something a little sexy called "When do we start?").

Thanks to all those who took part, all those who boosted the signal on Twitter and Tumblr, and all those fans of Thor and Loki who shared their ideas with us. Remember, Thor: The Dark World premieres on Wednesday 30 October, and SFX 240 is on sale now with a Thor: The Dark World cover and a massive Tom Hiddleston interview inside.