Peter Moore speaks

Dynamic overlord of the Microsoft universe, Peter Moore, took time out of his busy schedule of planning the domination of the game console market to give us a couple of morsels of information on the future of the Xbox/Xbox 360 platforms. While the discussion ventured beyond Xbox territory into the PC realm, the message from Moore was clearly one of overwhelming expansion: Microsoft is taking over.

One of the largest issues was the lack of 360s available at launch and the months following, to which Moore countered with the opening of new factories and increased production. Improvements in the way the machines are shipped (by boats that can ship tens of thousands versus planes that can only ship thousands) were key among the remedies to the 360 drought. Moore's delight couldn't be quelled as he proudly said "Demand continues to be overwhelming," but assured us that 360s would be on the shelves and readily available within the next four to six weeks.