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Peter Dinklage talks X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Peter Dinklage will soon be appearing as Bolivar Trask in X-Men: Days Of Future Past , and has been describing what we can expect from his character in an interview with Entertainment Weekly .

Despite being the creator of the mutant-menacing robots known as Sentinels, Dinklage stresses that he "didn't want to play the villain", arguing that Trask's overall intentions are more complicated.

"He’s a man of science," explains Dinklage. "He’s a man of invention. He actually sees what he’s doing as a good thing.

"[ His ambition is ] definitely blind and he’s quite arrogant," continues the star. "He’s strived all his life for a certain respect and attention."

Not that it will be entirely plain-sailing for Trask and his new technology. "He's up against Richard Nixon," says Dinklage. "He's got some hurdles."

Directed by Bryan Singer and co-starring Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and Hugh Jackman, X-Men: Days Of Future Past will open in the UK on 22 May 2014.