PES predicts: Day 15

Thursday 22 June 2006
Throughout the 2006 World Cup we'll be predicting each day's results - using Pro Evolution Soccer! We'll select the teams and let the game play out the action on its own, before posting a quick match report and the final, PES-predicted score.

2006 World Cup: Day 15

Match one: Saudi Arabia vs Spain

Spain take the lead immediately from a solid header by Senna in the first few minutes. Torres follows this up with a spinning snap-shot just 10 minutes later that the Saudi Arabian keeper just gets his hand to. The Saudi players are workmenlike, pushing the ball around but with no attacking ideas, and Spain are unlucky not to win by a bigger margin, both Xavi and Torres hitting the bar in the second half.

PES predicts: Saudi Arabia 0, Spain 1

Match two: Ukraine vs Tunisia

A dreary first half sees plenty of rash challenges but little attacking football. Ukraine are more confident after the break, Shevchenko having two shots pushed wide and a fierce header from Voronin tipped on to the bar by the Tunisian keeper. The attacks keep coming, until Gusin collects a limp clearance, cleverly steps inside his marker and sneaks a powerful shot past the keeper to give Ukraine the win.

PES predicts: Ukraine 1, Tunisia 0

Above: Ukrainian midfielder Gusin neatly cuts inside the Tunisian defence before smashing in the winner

Match three: Togo vs France

Togo look like scoring in the early stages, creating space in front of goal and whipping in some nice crosses, but without success. Adebeyor flashes a shot wide and Salifou heads limply to the keeper. France wake up in the second half but it's too late, and chances for Trezeguet and Henry are blocked or blasted wide. The French look out of ideas and, with this result, out of the World Cup.

PES predicts: Togo 0, France 0

Match four: Switzerland vs South Korea

Switzerland look to be the winners here, controlling the game with efficient passing and dominating possession in both halves. But with Frei sending his best chance miles wide and Vogel heading over the crossbar, it's the South Koreans who prevail. A reckless challenge by Senderos gives South Korea a penalty, perfectly executed by CS Lee.

PES predicts: Switzerland 0, South Korea 1

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