PES 2017: Nul points for the UK as Italian wins $20,000 Anfield tournament

Last week GR+ reported that one PES 2017 addict was set to claim $20,000 in a competition based at Anfield over the weekend – and, as is traditional at major tournaments, both home nation representatives crashed out before the semi-final stage.


Italian Ettorito97 took the main prize, seeing off El Matador in the final with an emphatic 5-1 hammering to secure that big 20K prize. His German counterpart scored $10000 for finishing runner-up. Both qualify for the ultimate PES world finals, which take place in Cardiff alongside the real Champions League final in June.

Those with a spare six-and-a-half hours to spare can rewatch the full tournament broadcast below. If you'd just like to see the final, skip head to the six hours and 16 minute mark.

The third- and fourth-placed contenders also secure a spot at the big one in Wales, and a tidy prize. TioMit_PW nabbed $6,000 for finishing just outside the top two, with ALexAlguacil placing fourth, to the tune of $4,000.

While British hopes were high going in, Manchester United fans Bad Boy G and DexK both fell at the first hurdle, failing to escape the group stage. Indeed, neither could muster a single win: a heated 3-3 draw between the pair was as good as it got. 

The main prize for winning the entire thing next month is $200,000, and GamesRadar+ will be reporting live from the event and its aftermath.

PES 2017 is out now on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

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