Persona dev's next wild JRPG, Metaphor: ReFantazio, is coming to PS5 too

Metaphor: ReFantazio
(Image credit: Atlus)

Metaphor: ReFantazio will be coming to PlayStation consoles, so Atlus fans can breathe a sigh of relief.

When Atlus first unveiled their new game from the veterans of Persona 5 last week, fans were a little perplexed, given Metaphor: ReFantazio was only attached to PC and Xbox consoles for release. Now though, as spotted by Gematsu, Sega's Korean division has uploaded a new trailer for Metaphor: ReFantazio that clearly outlines PS5 and PS4 versions of the new JRPG.

Sure, it would've been easy to guess Metaphor would've been coming to PlayStation devices eventually, but it's wise not to assume anything. Atlus is very much at the heart of Xbox's big Japanese gaming push right now, evidenced by the fact that Persona 3 Reload was announced at Xbox's showcase, so Xbox securing exclusivity of any kind for Metaphor wasn't out of the question.

Still, now that we have confirmation of Metaphor coming to PlayStation platforms, it's nothing but good news for Atlus fans everywhere. More games on more platforms is never a bad thing - so long as the dev team can manage the workload - as more people simply get to experience a game and join in the fun.

Long-time Persona director Katsura Hashino is heading up Metaphor: ReFantazio, and he said earlier this week that the new game "will be a fresh new challenge." It sure isn't Persona 6, which we already know is in the works at Atlus, but it's nice to see Hashino and other leading Persona developers venturing into new territory.

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