Persona 5 Royal character trailer is here to get you hyped for the game's Western release

(Image credit: Atlus)

Persona 5 Royals's marketing is kicking into high gear, with a new trailer giving us a closer look at a new character.

The revamped version of the title is hitting the West in March, five months after it was released in Japan. This trailer is a great introduction for those unfamiliar with the RPG, and a fantastic refresher for those who know about Joker and company. It even includes some new features that are exclusive to the remake. Check out the character trailer below.

The trailer introduces us to The Phantom Thieves, a secret group of vigilantes who woke up one day with special powers and who'll "yield to no one". They're led by Joker, aptly titled "protagonist" in the trailer, who was wrongfully accused of assault and expelled from his former school. He ends up at Shujin Academy, where he meets the rest of those who would become The Phantom Thieves

We get to meet Kasumi Yoshizawa, a brand new core characters, in this trailer. She's involved in the mystery that drives Persona 5's story, and is a ballet dancer and gymnast, if her "style and grace" voice line doesn't make that clear. Personally, I'm partial to Morgana, who is definitely a cat but doesn't want to be called one. 

There's some new features that are dropping with the Persona 5 remake, including partner attacks, where two characters can dole out some serious damage together. It looks like one of them involves Morgana turning into a bus and absolutely crushing an enemy. You've gotta give this game some credit in the absurdity department - it certainly has no qualms about giving you the biggest explosion, the wildest attack, and the funniest voice lines ("You've been bad," says Haku). 

If this trailer got you even more excited for Persona 5 Royal, don't fret, as the wait isn't much longer. It's set to launch in the West on March 31.

If you can't wait until then, check out our Fire Emblem: Three Houses review, and see if that scratches your Persona 5 itch.

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