Persona 4 The Golden: PS Vita remake gets a flashy Japanese trailer

Having announced a glut of Persona content all at once back in August, Atlus has been steadily releasing info on the new titles. You've seen a glimpse of fighting spinoff Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena, and now the company's now ready to start teasing Persona 4 The Golden with a trailer packed with the series' trademark stylish visual overload.

Whereas The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena pits characters from Persona 4 in a new, Guilty Gear-esque adventure, it's The Golden that RPG purists ought to be keeping an eye on. This remake of the PS2 original was originally planned for a stripped-down PSP release, but Atlus has wisely chosen to go in the other direction: taking advantage of the Vita's fancy new bits to deliver a souped-up remake with new story elements, more speech and cinematics, and added gameplay features.

The game's not scheduled for an English-language release yet. However Catherine, Atlus' recent gamble with Western players' tolerance for J-weirdness, paid off handsomely for the company – so it's likely we'll hear of a translation of this popular remake before too long.