People who worked on Batman: Arkham Origins are teasing a new game

(Image credit: Warner Bros Games)

Prominent voice actor Roger Craig Smith, Ryan Galletta, writer on Batman: Arkham Origins, and Warner Bros. publicist Gary Miereanu are all teasing a new game on Twitter. The three video game and entertainment industry veterans engaged in cryptic back-and-forths on Twitter and now we're all waiting anxiously on an announcement, which Miereanu says is coming "reasonably soon."

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When Smith first took to Twitter with the initial teaser, it could've been anything. The voice actor has portrayed Sonic the Hedgehog, Chris Redfield from Resident Evil, Ezio from Assassin's Creed, Batman from Batman: Arkham Origins, and dozens of other well-known characters from popular video games, movies, and TV and anime series. But with Galletta, who worked with Smith on Batman: Arkham Origins, confirmed to be involved, the pool of options is narrowed down to video games, as Smith's previous credits are all video games. Finally, Miereanu's involvement confirms that the project is being published by Warner Bros.

Of course, all this doesn't necessarily mean a new Batman game is coming, but it sure is looking that way. Remember though, Batman: Arkham Knight closed out Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham trilogy back in 2015, so it's not likely we'll see another game from that series. It's also very possible it's a different super hero from the DC Universe, so maybe we'll finally get a Superman game that isn't awful?

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