Pen To Paper: Dotting the lines, scribbling on paper

Former Dawson’s Creek star Joshua Jackson has an appointment with Lucifer. No, we don’t mean he’s finally being called to account for starring in The Skulls. If that were the case, Paul Walker would already be roasting on a satanic spit somewhere around the tenth level of hell. Jackson’s signed up to star in Meet The Devil in Germany, which is described along the lines of Vertigo.

It’ll be directed by Josef Rusnak, who helmed the Thirteenth Floor, and who is bringing along his cinematographer, the superbly named Wedigo von Schultzendorff. That man’s business cards must be three feet long.

Elsewhere in movie land, James Marsden is swapping the high-flying antics of Superman Returns for the fairytale fancies of Enchanted. The previously announced Disney flick charts a princess-in-waiting (Amy Adams) who is banished from her animated world to present-day New York City. Marsden will play the prince who follows her into the real world and (wait for it) falls in love with her. We’d mention the phrase “happily ever after” but that’s surely still just speculation at this point…

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