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PC Gamer takes on StarCraft II - exclusive interview and more

PC Gamer's intrepid Senior Associate Editor, Dan Stapleton, headed to Korea to bring back news ofthe StarCraft II announcement. Fortunately, he was clever enough to record a video podcast while he was there - and we've got it.

Beginning with the presentation where the game was unveiled and the media briefing afterwards, the video takes in an EXCLUSIVE question and answer session with the game's Lead Producer Chris Sigaty. There's also footage of the massive StarCraft tournament at the Seoul Olympic Stadium - which followed hot on the heels of the game announcement.

There's also amusing footage of Dan being taunted by the Koreans. We'll let you see that one for yourself - no spoilers here.

This is a must-view if you're interested in StarCraft II. So we'll shut up. Click here to watch.