Paranormal Activity's Oren Peli releases details on upcoming ghost town thriller


Oren Peli, best-known for the undoubtedly terrifying Paranormal Activity, is laying down the foundations for a Post-nuclear disaster horror.

Peli found fame in the found footage field, so it's promising that his new film will follow this trend.

FilmNation are financing the untitled thriller which is currently being filmed in Europe, Producer Brian Witten ( Final Destination ) has also been signed to the project.

Peli’s film follows a group of pals which become stranded in an uninhabited city which is suffering the after effects of nuclear disaster.

Soon the group of friends realise the ghost town is not completely deserted and they're in the company of some rather terrifying characters.

Signed cast members include Jesse McCartney, Devin Kelley, Nathan Phillips and Johnathan Sadowksi.

If Oren Peli insists on carrying down the found footage path, we hope that he shakes up the formula a wee bit and gives us something slightly different.

And if you're a Paranormal Activity fan, check out the creepy clip from the latest instalment Paranormal Activity 3 , embedded above.