Palia is like Disney Dreamlight Valley meets Valheim with tons of unique characters

(Image credit: Singularity 6)

The developer of Disney Dreamlight Valley and Valheim-like Palia has shared more about the characters that make up its world.

As shared in an official blog post (opens in new tab) by developer Singularity 6, all of the characters in its upcoming community sim Palia are connected in one way or another. Just like in all your favorite life sims (for example, Stardew Valley), players will have the opportunity to create bonds with each of the characters in the game, and even romance some of them. It seems like this could get messy though as by the looks of this new relationship chart, word would get around very quickly.

According to the blog post, Palia's villagers have been designed to feature complex, interconnected stories. As explained by the narrative lead on Palia, EmbrasAshes, in the post: "We always want to make sure that the characters in Palia feel rich and meaningful. Taking the time to make sure they have deep backstories and connections with other characters is very important to us, including both new romance and friendship options."

The blog post goes on to explain that the more time you spend getting to know Palia's villagers and exploring its village, the more depth is added to the game's world. This means players will be rewarded with "unique story threads to follow" and more mysteries to uncover.

The rest of the post introduces future players to several of Palia's inhabitants. This includes a young couple, a group of long-time friends, the unlikely duo Jina and Hekl, a family of farmers known as the Daiya family, and more. Towards the end of this section, the post also gives more insight into the kind of bonds characters can form with the villagers in Palia. 

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